For 13-18 year old students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling, Lexi is an educational app that collects specialized tools to help students in everyday life and in school. Lexi is the only app for dyslexic students that provides tools for school and everyday life in readying, writing, and grammar.
compatible with Learning Platforms
Students can sign up for Lexi with their Blackboard accounts that they use for schoolwork. When signing up, they are given the option to choose between doing homework or using a tool.
Students can use the tool side of the app to improve their skills through practice and repetition. The app has Voice to Text, Picture to Text, and Text to Audio functions to help students where they would normally struggle.
picture to text
Allows students to take pictures of text, from things such as homework or textbooks, and have it read aloud to them.
Lexi integrates with Blackboard and keeps track of student’s upcoming assignments. Students have access to Lexi’s tools, as well as Messages and Archives, while they work on their homework.
Transcriptions and readings can be saved into Lexi’s Archives for later access. The Archives is categorized by each class so that students can easily find readings and assignments they’ve used Lexi’s tools for later as needed.​​​​​​​
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