Data Merging
InDesign’s Data Merge feature is a great solution to create a postcard system that connects couples struggling to get pregnant with kids who are awaiting adoption.
Dan and Jackie have tried to get  pregnant for 2 years, and are considering other options. Jade is currently living in foster care, waiting to be adopted by her forever family.
Building Blocks to Home
The concept was inspired by the kids waiting to be adopted, and the happiness that kids bring to a family. The postcards were designed to be bright, hopeful, and to have a sense of child-like innocence and wonder.
Writing Home
The letters capture not only standard information, but also allows the recipients to get a sense of the child's personality, and the things they like.
Unlimited Postcards
Data is entered in a spreadsheet and merged with the template to create unlimited postcards that can be used by any adoption agency to bring families together.

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